MarketLocator Help

MarketLocator can help you find markets and selections among lots of entries available on BetFair. Its main feature is an ability to create sets of conditions for filtering out unnecessary markets and finding selections based on simple criteria. You can quickly export the found selections to a file for future use, place and cancel simple bets or send the list by e-mail.

Let's take a look at the software's interface and learn how to operate it. Hover over me

Licensing model and purchasing options

MarketLocator is a commercial software. You can run it and create/edit search conditions free of charge. But making calls to BetFair for executing your search requires buying a one-off licence from WellDone Creative Software.

When you log in to BetFair with the software, it checks your license and opens the following window, if the check failed:

There you can proceed to the purchasing page on our site or, if you've completed your purchase already, you can enter your licence key previously received on your e-mail. You only have to do this once. After your key has been checked, which may take some time, you are free to use the MarketLocator power.


Note: any changes you make in the settings window are saved automatically, unless they can't be accepted. The only exception is the connection settings that have to be saved by pressing with "Apply" button.

BetFair Tab

To perform any search or place a bet, you must be logged in to BetFair. All information is sent to the BetFair API directly through a securely encrypted channel. No sensitive information will be sent to WellDone or any third party.

MarketLocator supports two types of log-in procedure: plain authentication with just username and password and interactive authentication from the embedded BetFair webpage.

The first type (set by default) is recommended in most cases. Just enter your BetFair credentials, and they will be used to log you in. You can set MarketLocator to remember your username (but not the password), that field will be filled in automatically in future. Your sensitive data is stored (see where) encrypted with a strong AES algorithm that can't be reversed.

If your BetFair account settings implies additional security measures, like the two-factor authentication, or requires entering additional information during the logging in, you'll have to use the interactive procedure similar to the one on BetFair web site. If you can't see the BetFair web site on the page or if you spot an error message, please check your Connection Settings.

Connection Settings

By default MarketLocator uses your system preferences for connecting to the Internet. That means you don't need to make any changes in this tab, just keep the "Use system preferences" option on if your Internet browser and other software connects to the Internet with no problem. However if you want to change the default behaviour, select one of the available connection options:

  1. Direct connect (MarketLocator sends all requests directly. Useful if your default settings use a non-direct connection)
  2. HTTP(S) proxy
  3. SOCKS5 proxy

For the last 2 options you will need to set additional parameters, such as proxy address/IP, port number and optional proxy username and password. Please ask your proxy provider for these details.

When you're done setting these options, you can check if the software is able to connect to BetFair by clicking the Test connection button. If you get an error message, please read the Connection troubleshooting section of this manual.

General Options

In this tab you can tune the program's look and feel. First of all, you can change the program's language. At the moment you can choose between English and Russian. The change will be applied when you start the application next time.

Then you can choose the level of interactivity with the software. By default it asks you to confirm all your actions and shows all warnings and errors in a popup window (recommended for first-time use!). Alternatively you can choose to skip non-important warnings and confirmations while keeping critical ones, e.g. for placing bets. When you get used to working with MarketLocator, you may switch off all confirmations and messages (however you can always see them in the log).

Next options are:

  1. Expand all markets by default. Collapsed markets (with no selections shown) make your search result look compact. This mode is useful when your search is aimed at market parameters, such as book % or traded volume. Expanded markets show all possible information but could be less readable. You can expand and collapse any number of markets manually in the search results view.
  2. Include withdrawn selections. Turn this off to exclude withdrawn selections from search results if you don't want them to occupy visible space.
  3. Show country flag and country name. Use these options if information about the venue's country is important to you.
  4. Open BetFair chart on price click MarketLocator has a BetFair charts viewer. This option allows you to add a chart to the view by clicking on the selection's price.
  5. Automatically save template MarketLocator will automatically save your current template (if gave a name to it before) each time you perform a search. It's useful when you make changes frequently.
  6. Stop on first error When you're sending bets in a batch, multiple action errors are possible. If you turn this option on, the software will stop placing bets after the first error occurs.

On the right side of this tab you can select which columns you want to see in the search results, as well as change their colours.

E-mail Settings

One of the actions you can apply to the selections found is sending them by e-mail. For doing this, you must set email options in this tab. There are some predefined options for popular email providers, but you can key in any custom settings. Please ask your email provider for the details. When you finish with the options, you may try to send a test message, just to check if everything is OK. If you get an error message, please read the Connection Troubleshooting section of this manual.

About and Updates

In this tab you can see the software version. It's recommended to enable regular update checks, as they may contain important bugfixes and security updates.

Here we come to the main functionality of MarketLocator - searching for markets and selections.

To tell the software which markets and selections you need, you should create a set of conditions. MarketLocator will check every market and selection against these conditions and show you the ones that satisfy them.

Each set, called a "template", can contain one or more conditions. if the market meets all of these conditions, it will be included in the search results.

Each condition has a subject, object and value(s). The subject can be either Event, Market or Selection. You can choose if the conditions apply to any, all or particular selection (e.g. favourite, home team, etc.)

The objects (the parameters to check) for events are:

The objects for markets are:

For selection the search parameters are:

If a selection meets all of your conditions, the program remembers it, and you can then select to see this selection in the search results window.

When you finish adding conditions, don't forget to save your conditions set in a template, for future use. Just press the Save as button and enter a suitable name (since this name will be used as a file name, please avoid entering escape characters that can't be used in file names, such as :,; etc.). You can later just select the saved template from the list to restore all conditions and make your search faster.

There are several ready templates supplied together with the software's distributive file. You can use them for learning purposes or base your own templates around them.

Press the Delete button to delete the template or a condition, or Clear all - to clear all conditions and start a template from scratch.

Here's a couple of words on List of values. Some parameters (like Sport or Type) imply more than one value. By default, the list of these values is shortened down to most frequently used values. If you need to see all possible options to choose from, press the Show more button.

If you use "is in list" or "not in list", it is possible to create you own list of values. The parameter will be checked against every value in the list. Use Add and Delete buttons to change the number of items. Double click the item to edit its value. Also you can Import the list from a text file (each item must be on a separate line), then edit them if necessary.

Finally, in the bottom of this window you can find the actual Search button to perform the request and see the results.

Search Results

 The results are combined into one big table which has controls to quickly change its view, select frequently used types of selections and perform certain actions:

The table shows data in columns that can be chosen in the "General" options tab. For markets they are:

Expand each market to see its selections in the following columns:

Last traded prices are underlined. You can sort the table by any column by clicking on the column's name. Click again to sort it in reverse order. Also you can reorder the columns by dragging them. The software will keep this order for the future searches.

Right-click on the market name to quickly open it in your default browser.

Working With the Table

- use these buttons to expand or collapse all markets.
- repeat the last search, as if you pressed the Search button in the "Search Conditions" tab. It clears the table before the search.
- just updates information already retrieved (market status, prices and your bets) for located markets. Neither looks for new markets nor removes them.
- shows the Charts window.

Selecting Entries

Using the "Select" drop-down list you can quickly select predefined types of selections (note that choosing one of these options clears your previous selection):

Certainly you can choose any selection by ticking a box near its name. The box near the market's name selects/unselects all selections of that market.


When you've found and chosen your selections, it's time to do something with them. MarketLocator can offer you a number of simple but useful actions:

To execute the action on chosen selections, press the Perform button.

Charts window

It might be useful to take a quick look at a BetFair chart for a particular selection. If you activated the Open BetFair chart on price click option, then you can open the chart by clicking on the selection's back or lay price. If you need to view more than one chart at a time, hold the Shift key while clicking on the price to add the chart to the window. Alternatively you may use the Add chart action to add all chosen selections. Press the Show charts window button to see the added charts all at once. In that window, you can update all the charts manually or automatically with required frequency rate. You can rearrange charts by dragging them.


MarketLocator writes down all its operations, warnings and errors, together with the time they took place at, into the log window. To draw your attention when a warning or error occurs, the log tab's icon will flash. Also the last log message is always displayed in the status bar of the application window. Click on the bar to jump to the message.

You can Clear the log, Select all records, Copy selected records to clipboard or Export selected records to a file (XML, CSV and text formats are supported). Note, the log is not written into a file, so it's not preserved after restarting the software.

Problems and Solutions

Connection Problems

By default MarketLocator uses system preferences for connecting to the Internet. That means it must be able to connect to the Internet, just like any other software on your computer. If it can't, then you should check your firewall or antivirus software - it might be blocking MarketLocator. Please add the software to the exceptions list if required. There are no viruses, trojans or any harmful code inside MarketLocator. The software doesn't send any information to third parties. MarketLocator is the official BetFair solution that has been checked and approved by the BetFair security team.

Access to the BetFair API

MarketLocator uses BetFair API through an encrypted secure channel to communicate with the exchange. You are required to have access to BetFair from your current location. It could be forbidden from some countries (or even by some Internet providers). To avoid these restrictions, MarketLocator can connect to the API through a proxy server that modifies your IP address on BetFair's end. Please remember that using unsecure, free, public or untrusted proxy servers may result in the disclosure of your private information, including your BetFair account credentials. MarketLocator does not support browser extensions, like Zenmate, but it does support VPN.

MarketLocator requires a license key to access BetFair API.

Here are frequently occurred errors and possible solutions:


MarketLocator respects your privacy and doesn't collect, store or send your private data to any third party. The only exceptions are:

All requests are sent to the BetFair API directly through the secure encrypted channel.

Program Workflow Errors

While working with MarketLocator, you may get an occasional error message. Here are possible solutions: