Betting based on tipster's choice

Suppose you follow your tipster's daily selections sent by e-mail or downloaded from his site. 

Then you should create a text file say on your desktop calling selections.txt. Copy and paste the selection's from your tipster to the file one selection per line:

Dormello Mo

Open MarketLocator and create a template like on the following screen. Add or change any conditions to meet your preferences.

Creating a template

Then add a condition:
Any Selection's Name is in list and click on the list list editing control. Then click on "Load items from file" button and select the selection.txt file on your desktop. The selections will appear in the list. You can alter the list here:

Adding the condition

Click "OK" and save the template. Now you can execute the search. MarketLocator will find all markets based on your conditions. To select all found selections use drop-down menu "Select" for "Matched the conditions" option. Then you can execute any action - place a bet for example:

Executing the search